About us


We have come to appreciate the advancements in technology that make our job easier, but we are glad that we know the old school processes that give us a thorough knowledge of designing, creating and restoring jewelry.
The manual skills we acquired 20 years ago when we first opened our store continue to assist us in servicing our customers every day, and while 20 years might seem a long time to be doing the same thing, for us, doing what we love, it seems like no time at all. 



John Hansen - It was hard to pick a photo to display of John. A devoted dad, there were way to many selfies to choose from. John graduated from The Gemological Institute of America in Jewelry Manufacturing Arts way back in 1987. He continued his education with many certifications in his field, but what makes him a great jeweler is his attention to detail, ability to duplicate a customer's vision and his sense of aesthetics.

Ron Wilson - Ron is our resident watch expert and conversationalist. If you come in for a watch battery, plan on spending a little time if you ask him about any one of his many interests: hunting, fishing, camping, gardening, building and his dog Ruger, who is 1/2 Shepherd and 1/2 Wolf.

Heidi Wilson - There isn't enough room here to list all the things that Heidi does, but she will be the voice you hear on the phone if you call, the one who will package up your order or the first smiling face you see when you walk in the door.